sooshWhy brand is important: Soosh case study.

Brand isn’t just a smart logo and tagline. Strong brands trigger hot buttons in the consumer. It’s part art, part science.

This is the story of Soosh, the best sushi place in Stamford, Connecticut.


Step 1: Research

Gathering data and analyzing business traffic

The first step of creating a good brand is powerful market research. In this stage we get all of the “raw” data from the client: Pictures, texts, vision, business surroundings and even a video of the pathway to the business to simulate the route the future client will take and what they will be exposed to (Colors, other brands, distractions etc.).

Step 2: Strategy

Setting goals and actions to address the target market

After we gather all the necessary data, we start to analyze and set strategy for the brand, for example: Who is going to be exposed to the brand? How we get to them? How can we maximize the conversion rate? How the future clients will be exposed to the brand (driving by or walking by) etc.

We defined the needs for the brand:

1. Branding – The future client will be exposed to a lot of brands that will compete with us over attention so we needed to create a unique logo to stand out from the rest of the businesses.
2. Signage – We have created signage matrix in two stages: post and after we open.
3. Website – Online presence is very important that’s something everybody knows, we always try to think about the future needs of our clients. In this case the website was ready to enable online ordering system with no need for special integration. In addition, we offered easy to use and edit interface (to edit the online menu) and the ability to present events.
4. Print – Print is important to “spread the word”. Continuity is important so everything we design will have the same design language.

Step 3: Guidelines

Effective design is more than sheer beauty

Designing a new brand is more than combining right colors or shapes, it is a true science with a lot of factors to take into account: Other brands in your surroundings, The competitions, Emotional conversion, Psychological effect of colors etc.

Soosh design guidelines are based on the location and available graphic applications (print, website etc.).

Part of the guidelines is to set specific set of colors and making sure that the colors will be identical on print and in online applications. Those are the colors we have choose and why:

Grey – Used as the base color.
Pink – Used as the main color, symbolizing the color of salmon.
Orange – Used as an accent color for special graphic elements, since orange is an engaging color.

Step 4: Execution

Timing is everything

As we all know, the opening of a new local business, especially a new restaurant creates a lot of buzz, prioritizing the project schedule is vital for its success. We planned the launch to maximize the buzz of a new business by dividing it into three stages:

1. Pre launch – Utilizing social media and the website to make sure people know that we are coming. We have also created coming soon signs in strategic places.
2. Soft launch – Again using social media and the website to answer questions and gather customers feedback.
3. Launch – Full blown launch promotions in social media, website, flyers etc.