Coin Laundry Marketing Plan – Ideas on Promoting a Laundromat Business

by Paging Up, February 16, 2018

It is amazing how many entrepreneurs think that the laundromat business does not require much in the way of a marketing strategy. A common school of thought is that if you are in the right place then people will come and they will tell their friends and neighbours. While this … Continue reading

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The Best 5 Photo Apps For Small Business Social Media

by Paging Up, February 9, 2018

Taking great photos for your social media accounts is imperative if you want to gain new followers. People love great photos and when you uncover new content to post you can then add your content to a range of great photo apps to get the best message out of them. … Continue reading

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Bookmarking

by Paging Up, February 2, 2018

Managing one’s website fully requires accurate techniques and procedures. To completely encourage more customers, increasing the website traffic is your best choice. How do you increase your traffic? The answer to this question is extremely simple. In order to add to your traffic, you have to use the so-called social … Continue reading

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How to Use Fluke MicroMapper Pro?

by Paging Up, January 26, 2018

>> What Can the MicroMapper Help You Do? Fluke’s MicroMapper is a hand-held cable tester that enables network professionals to quickly and easily verify the integrity of Ethernet twisted pair cables. In one step, the MicroMapper can test twisted pair cabling for opens, shorts, reversed, crossed, and split pairs. You … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Web Design

by Paging Up, January 19, 2018

What does Parallax Scrolling mean? Parallax scrolling is a type of web design where different elements of a website move at different speeds. As a user navigates through parallax websites, images will float on top of other images in several layers. Parallax scrolling sites have many different uses to create … Continue reading

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Content Marketing Ideas That Do Not Involve a Blog

by Paging Up, January 12, 2018

Content marketing usually involves a lot of factors and activities. However, more often than not, it is composed of several articles connected through hyperlinks, submitted in various blogs and websites. Unfortunately, some businesses do not cater blogs due to the wide variety of products and services that they offer. Luckily, … Continue reading

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e-Marketing Strategy: 7 Dimensions to Consider (the e-Marketing Mix)

by Paging Up, January 5, 2018

What is e-Marketing? e-Marketing is still quite a controversial subject to talk about, since no one succeeded to unify the various theories around it; however there is one thing upon which there is no doubt – that e-Marketing first appeared under the form of various techniques deployed by pioneer companies … Continue reading

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Branding Strategies – When a Bargain-Brand Attacks a Premium-Brand

by Paging Up, December 29, 2017

When I was ten years old at a summer camp I was leading in the potato sack race. To check on my competitors I looked over my shoulder and suddenly tripped and fell. I came in last place. Even the slowest person, Marsh Mellow Matt beat me. It was humiliating. … Continue reading

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Four Ways For Sales and Marketing Professionals to Segment Their Target Market

by Paging Up, December 22, 2017

Philip Kotler reminds us that if markets are to be segmented and cultivated, they must meet certain requirements. Segments must be: Measurable Substantial Accessible Differentiable Actionable Assuming your target markets meet those requirements, sales and marketing professionals can cultivate these segments to maximize their potential. There are four ways to … Continue reading

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Article Marketing Tips 101 – The Importance of Good Keyword Selection

by Paging Up, December 15, 2017

If you are using article marketing to generate traffic for your site, it's important to use the right keyword selection to get the most out of it. It's also crucial that the article be structured with search engine optimization in mind. To find the right keyword selection to use when … Continue reading

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