The Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Web Design

What does Parallax Scrolling mean?

Parallax scrolling is a type of web design where different elements of a website move at different speeds. As a user navigates through parallax websites, images will float on top of other images in several layers. Parallax scrolling sites have many different uses to create a variety of captivating effects that have the potential to keep viewers on your site for a great deal of time.

Parallax websites create instant appeal: they stand out from other websites and engage several senses all at once. The slick interlocking elements in parallax style sites flow naturally up and down the page. They provide a user-experience improvement not seen since the beginnings of the Web 2.0 revolution. Not only can a viewer scroll up and down on parallax websites but with mouse gestures or intuitive hand gestures on touch-screen devices, a full range of directions can be explored in the second and even third dimensions.

Beauty is in the Details

These sites have the potential to be stunning and make a great addition to any website. Parallax sites can also be used as a front page for your business if you want to showcase your vision right from the beginning; this is a good way to introduce immediately visitors to your concepts. Parallax websites can also be linked to from a standard website as a promotional page for one of your products or services.

These sites also give the user much more freedom to explore. Parallax scrolling sites on the Internet allow mouse gestures with a combination of mouse clicks to navigate to the main area of the site. This type of user interaction can be used on parallax websites to create the illusion of movement and dynamics, which will keep a user engaged and potentially interested in your products or services.

The interactive elements of parallax scrolling sites are heavily influenced by design from touch-screen and mobile devices. As Internet users worldwide become more proficient and adept at using this type of natural gesture interaction with their machines, parallax websites are likely to increase in number.

Parallax Scrolling Used to Tell a Story

Parallax scrolling sites can be constructed in a way to provide the user with an interactive story. If your content is of a creative nature, then this will give you a perfect reason to choose parallax websites for your next project! Well-known contemporary authors in a variety of genres frequently explore the merits of parallax scrolling sites to promote their latest works. Parallax sites seem to fit naturally with many of the visual arts as well and as such, they can be used to showcase any artist’s work in a very appealing way. Because parallax scrolling can also be combined with audio elements, telling a story with your website will also give you the option of including a sound component. Musicians will, therefore, find a natural ally in parallax websites when they are presenting their portfolio on-line.

Parallax scrolling sites can also be used to create many layers in a website, which can then be revealed as needed to tell the unique story that you want your viewers to see. Parallax sites make a natural vessel carry the arts to people all over the world.

Parallax scrolling sites will provide the viewer with a slick, stylish and elegant experience that they will not forget. Because the popularity of parallax websites is just taking off, this is a perfect business opportunity for a tech-savvy entrepreneur who wants to harness the power of the latest technologies to showcase their offerings.

Source by Duncan Maund

Paging Up, January 19, 2018

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