Content Marketing Ideas That Do Not Involve a Blog

Content marketing usually involves a lot of factors and activities. However, more often than not, it is composed of several articles connected through hyperlinks, submitted in various blogs and websites.

Unfortunately, some businesses do not cater blogs due to the wide variety of products and services that they offer. Luckily, digital marketers can still do content marketing for such types of businesses even without creating and maintaining a blog.

Here are some of the content marketing ideas that can be useful even without the presence of a blog:

Graphs and Charts

Graphs and charts are useful tools that can be sued to create content and market products. It provides an illustration of gathered data merged into a single chart or graph for easy presentation and interpretation of data. Complex content that are numerical in nature can be easily understood when presented with graphical charts.

Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are short content that would want to gather opinions or ideas about a certain topic. The good thing about this content marketing strategy is that it can be used to gather information from your clients and respondents. It can be shared in several website platforms as well.


Infographic is the easiest and simplest way to illustrate information. A majority of online users are relying to visuals rather than reading materials hence uplifts infographics efficiency. Infographics are usually a compilation of a long content compressed into images and short snippets to be able to present a group of idea or data.


Podcasts are becoming a thing of the current generation as it gives information through listening and easier to access or load compare to videos. The good thing about podcasts is that it can be shared, downloaded and listened to in mobile devices anywhere and at anytime of the day. Professionals usually conduct seminars and tutorials via a podcast.

Email Blasts

Emails might be one of the traditional information roll-out, nonetheless, it appears to be still an effective promotional material. A lot of users are always on-the-go and checks their email at most times hence email blasts – no matter how uninteresting at some point – can still gather audience attention that helps a certain brand, event and/or campaign.


Constantly sending informative newsletters to your subscribers is also a way to tap into your market. Include site improvements, special promotions, company improvements and helpful information deemed necessary for your clients in line with the products that they offer.

Content marketing creation does not only mean putting the words into a blog or making a review – it can be executed through the form of various creative materials that can entice everyone’s attention and interest.

Source by Joie M Gahum

Paging Up, January 12, 2018

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